Gîte Brioux

Le Grand Bourglioux
16120 Chateauneuf sur Charente
Tél : 05 45 66 27 97 / 06 65 49 33 70
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  • location gîte brioux
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GPS : 45.5863889,-0.03456900000003316
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Capacity : 2 chambres (4 personnes)


Renovated house with exposed rock and a closed garden in a small hamlet 3km away from the centre of Châteauneuf and 2 km away from the Charente River & from the swimming area.

1st floor: living/dining room, kitchen (access with 4 steps), toilets, one bedroom with double bed (access with 2 steps), dressing room, closet.

2nd floor: one bedroom with double bed and baby bed, bathroom.

Two bikes at your disposal. Possibility of a photography training course during your stay.