Cognac Ville d’art & d’histoire

Agitateur de patrimoines !
16100 Cognac
Tél : 05 16 45 00 17
  • Atelier pédagogique Cognac Ville d'art et d'histoire pour les enfants
  • Visite guidée de l'Eglise Saint Léger à Cognac
  • Visite guidée Cognac ville d'art et d'histoire
  • Atelier kapla pour les enfants sur l'architecture, Cognac ville d'art et d'histoire

GPS : 45.691046,-0.3287440000000288
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What is  ville d’art et d’histoire ?

Villes et Pays d’art et d’histoire, is a network of  167 towns and countries of art and history which promote development and activities linked to architecture and heritage: presentation of their discovery activities (guided tours, exhibitions, education programme,…), cultural tourism…

The purpose of Ville d’art et d’histoire is to make the inhabitants aware of  their living environment and encourage a tourism of quality,  to introduce youngsters to architecture, heritage and  town planning,  and present the town or the country in an architecture and heritage interpretation Centre.

Vincent Bretagnolle, who is in charge of the architecture and heritage department in Cognac, makes use of actions that you will find compilated in the programme of visits below.

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